Fox-Trot FTC Malachite  

Malachite was born 2/27/16 at Fox Trot Farms in Tennessee. This purebred French Alpine comes from amazing dairy genetics, his dam was LA appraised at 91EEEE and his sire is a GCH with an LA of 89VEE. To top it off, Malachite is very mild mannered and as sweet as they come. 

Reference Bucks ~Bucks no longer on the farm~

Rocky RedBird RDG Mica 

This 100% Purebred Sable Buckling has some very nice milking genetics. He was purchased in March of 2016, and added much stronger toplines and hind ends on my does, as well as an energetic an lively personality.

The Amos - "Jasper"

Jasper was a registered Oberhasli that came from very strong milk lines. Out of the seven dams visible in his pedigree 6 of them are * milkers.